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Driving the Business of Law


Globally, the business of law is changing faster than at any time before. We work with law firms, in-house legal departments, companies, organisations, individuals and teams to understand these changes, meet the challenges and thrive from the opportunities that are arising.

What we do

    What we do    

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Helping organisations to succeed and make the most of new opportunities in the changing world of legal business 

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Human performance - leadership, balance, transition, motivation and engagement



Infrastructure project procurement, strategy, structuring, contracting and delivery



Waverley Trayner works across the whole spectrum of legal business - with law firms, alternative legal service providers, in-house legal departments, sole counsel, individuals and teams - to bring new thinking to the procurement, delivery and development of legal services.

With deep experience in building successful partnerships and teams, we are able to help organisations assess their current strengths and needs, plan for how they grow and develop and succeed by taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the dynamic global legal services market.

Below is a summary of the services we offer through Strategy, Design and Performance.  Contact us to find out more.


  • Law firm strategy development

  • Market research and analysis

  • Market and sector strategy development

  • Client strategy


  • Organisational design

  • Client pitch development

  • Team resourcing

  • Innovation in legal service delivery


  • Client partner and team training

  • Pitch presentation coaching

  • In-house team development

  • Leadership team development



Many successful organisations have harnessed the power of professional and executive coaching to achieve a step-change in human performance and enhance the motivation, well-being and engagement of their people.

Waverley Trayner provides coaching to individuals and teams working in the law and in other industries and we believe in the benefits of capturing and sharing ideas and experience across different business sectors and professions.

We have developed a unique executive coaching model based on our 'CHORD' leadership principles - Care, Humility, Optimism, Resilience and Drive and we use this to work with current leaders to enhance their performance and also to develop the leaders of tomorrow.

In the legal sector, we offer coaching in the following main areas:

law firms

  • leadership coaching for lawyers and managers

  • partner client relationship development

  • transition and role change coaching

  • career planning and development

  • leadership development for senior associates and junior partners

IN House Legal Departments

  • leadership coaching for in house counsel

  • business impact coaching

  • transition and step-up coaching

  • career planning and development

  • in house team coaching



Our team are specialists in working with developers, governments, contractors and funders to deliver and manage major infrastructure projects in the transport, defence, energy and utilities sectors.

We advise on major development contracts, PPP projects and on mergers and acquisitions in the infrastructure sector. We help structure contracts and deal with risk transfer and management.

We have experience of working on projects and with partners in Europe, the United States, Australia and the Middle East.

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